Work and Travel USA Exchange – The Comfort Zone Idea


Travel and work abroad are the best way to enhance your career prospects and build up a significant amount of experience, while expanding your horizons and making new contacts. There is an abundance of great overseas opportunities available to anyone willing to do the work necessary to find them. The system is basically very simple. A participant accepts an assignment which requires travel or work, then later returns to their home country. If you are a college student or someone who is interested in working overseas, this opportunity is an excellent one to consider.

Work and travel USA are an exceptional United States Government program which enables university students from across the world to travel and work in the United States for any number of months. Run by the United States Federal Government, the program attracts around 100,000 participants each year between different ages. In exchange for their travel experience and work, participants receive F-1 student visas. This means that once they have completed their course and are eligible to apply for permanent residence in the US, they are able to live and work here permanently. As well as receiving the benefits of living and working in the US, participants are offered an excellent work and travel allowance, accommodation, travel insurance, and various other benefits.

In the past, I’ve seen some incredible work and travel opportunities presented by the Work and Travel USA program. I was very impressed with the range of projects that were available, and how young people from all around the world were coming together to complete them. One particular exchange project was with participants from Pakistan, India, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, and a number of European countries. All participants were keen to share their experiences and learn from each other, building strong relationships that would last a lifetime.

Before starting work and travel USA, ensure that you have reached your minimum length of stay requirement. If you have been in the country less than 6 months, you will not be eligible for Work and Travel USA. You must ensure that your stay is at least one year, if not longer. Always remember to check your immigration status in the following year to avoid any complications. Once you have met your minimum length of stay requirement, you will then be ready to apply for your Work and Travel USA scholarship.

There are a number of ways to apply for the scholarship. I suggest that you begin by finding a local partner, such as an English-speaking employer, to apply on your behalf. Many English language employers run their own visa applications, so it can often be more convenient to apply via them. If you choose to apply through an employer or sponsor, make sure that they are also experienced in recruiting students for the Work and Travel USA exchange program. Also, if you are sponsored by a company or organization, always confirm that your sponsor is also a US citizen or green card holder.

Another good option is to apply directly through the US State Department on your own behalf. If you have English skills and can verify your relationship with a sponsor or a company (such as an English language college), you may be eligible for a Visa Waiver. If you have a strong enough visa record, you should be able to qualify for a US visa within a few months.

One thing to note, however, is that once you have received a US visa, you may not be eligible to participate in the Work and Travel USA exchange program permanently. Certain requirements need to be met. For example, you may have to work in the United States for a certain period of time before being eligible to participate in a work exchange. You may also have to be a US citizen or a green card holder in order to continue participating in the exchange.

Once you complete your program and have become a US citizen, you will find that the opportunities are limitless. Study abroad programs offer opportunities to immerse yourself in a different culture and language. In addition, there are many activities that you can choose to participate in, such as scuba diving, horseback riding, camping and so much more. While you will find that most work exchanges offer similar programs to match your skill level, you will also find that each one offers something a little unique. Regardless of where you travel in the world, you can always find a way to fit your travel experience into a fun and convenient way to complete your education.